Awards and Honours

Recognition of quality and excellence

Maxxis' high standards for quality, efficiency and innovation have been acknowledged with numerous honours and awards. Accolades include:

Shanghai GM Best Supplier Award
Shanghai GM Excellent Supplier Award
Shanghai GM Gold Key Award
Ford Motor Company World Excellence Award
Ford Motor Company Q1 Quality Award
Excellent Supplier Awards from Jiangling-Ford Auto and Zhengzhou-Nissan
Yamaha Supplier Excellence Award
Taiwan Toyota's Export Excellence Award
Taiwan's National Quality Award
Ranked on Interbrand's List of Taiwan's Top Global Brands for five consecutive years
Japan's TPM Excellence Award

Quality Awards


Maxxis' certifications

The big three automakers' Quality System Requirements QS-9000 certification
International Organisation for Standardisation's 9001 and 14001 certification
E Mark Certificate from the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) Certificate

Quality Standards