Maxxis® Trademark Licensing

MAXXIS® trademarks have become internationally recognized as symbols of the highest quality tires and related parts and accessories, in categories including automobile, light truck, motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, race kart, trailer, and lawn & garden.  These trademarks are known by those who buy our products as well as the fans who have come to know the MAXXIS® trademarks through the many riders and events sponsored by MAXXIS® in a variety of motorsports.  Now, your products can also capitalize on the power and notoriety of the MAXXIS® brand through trademark licensing.

A trademark license is an agreement in which the owner of the trademark (or group of trademarks) allows another company to use the owner's trademarks in a certain way.  As an example, you may ask MAXXIS® for a license to put MAXXIS® logos on backpacks which your firm will produce and sell.

Licensing offers several benefits to both parties.  As mentioned, it allows the “licensee” to associate its products with a brand that is already well-known and highly regarded by the public.  The “licensor” is able to expand the scope of its brand, offer its customers a larger variety of products bearing its trademarks, improve the legal protection of its trademarks, and monitor the quality of the products that carry its trademarks.

Maxxis International is always looking for the right companies with whom to enter into license agreements for the further commercialization of the MAXXIS® trademarks.  In order to be considered, the company must meet certain criteria and standards with respect to the quality of its products, its ability to market those products, and the fit of its products with the MAXXIS® brand.  The company must also be able and willing to make a financial commitment that includes an advance payment of an annual minimum guaranteed royalty and periodic royalty payments based on a percentage of sales.  The company must also carry general liability and other appropriate insurance with respect to its business operations and activities.

The MAXXIS® brand could increase the sales of your products.  The MAXXIS® brand exemplifies excellence in tires as well as embodying the excitement and energy associated with the many motorsports, events, and riders sponsored by MAXXIS®.  Adding this excitement and prestige to your products could be the formula for your success!

If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of MAXXIS® trademark licensing, please contact We look forward to hearing from you!