Maxxcross SM

Don't get stuck in the mud or buried in the sand: Pin it and win it with a pair of Maxxcross SM tires.

  • Computer-enhanced pattern design ensures optimal traction from sandy motocross tracks to muddy cross country loops
  • Specially formulated silica rubber compound and open tread pattern provide excellent self-cleaning tire characteristics
  • Anti-flex knob bridges on shoulder reinforce side knobs for increased traction

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The SM is an exclusive sand and mud tire that combines a mud-repelling, silica-based rubber compound with a computer-enhanced tread design. In addition to its specially formulated compound, the SM tire also incorporates anti-flex knob bridges on the shoulder, increasing traction and stability. The Maxxcross SM is frequently used by Maxxis' top pros when race conditions are sandy or sloppy.


Position Size Load Speed Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Max PSI Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in)
Rear 120/100-18 68M TT 27.4 5.4 32 2.50X18 21/32
Rear 110/100-18 64M TT 27 5 32 2.15X18 21/32
Rear 100/90-19 57M TT 26.6 4.4 32 1.85X19 20/32
Rear 120/90-19 66M TT 27.5 5.2 32 2.15X19 22/32
Rear 110/90-19 62M TT 27.2 5 32 2.15X19 21/32
Front 80/100-21 51M TT 28.2 3.5 32 1.60X21 17/32