Radiale - 22c

Radial casing for an unparalleled ride quality

  • World's only true radial bicycle tire!
  • Highly supple with unparalleled cornering grip
  • SilkShield
  • 3C Triple Compound Technology

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The Radiale is a new marvel in bicycle tire technology. Using a true radial casing, the Radiale produces a soft, supple ride, smoothing out the roughest roads. A radial casing allows the sidewall to easily bend and flex, resulting in less hysteresis losses than a standard clincher which stretches or compresses at the contact patch. This technology is designed to produce the supplest ride of any clincher tire. In addition to the radial casing the tire also utilizes Maxxis' 3C Triple Compound Technology for greater wear life and cornering control along with SilkShield puncture protection from bead to bead.