Xenith Hors Categorie

Dual compound race tire with Nylon Breaker

  • High Performance Dual Compound Road Racing Tire
  • 2-ply nylon breaker for increased puncture resistance

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The Hors Categorie is a professional-level road racing tire with a 120 TPI casing. The Hors Categorie offers two different rubber compounds to optimize your ride. The firmer center has ultra-low rolling resistance and wears slowly, while the softer side offers incredible grip in tight corners.


Size ETRTO TPI Bead Weight (lbs) Compound Max PSI Tech Color
650X23C 23-571 120 FOLDABLE 0.485 DUAL 130 Nylon Breaker Black / Grey
700X23C 23-622 120 FOLDABLE 0.650 DUAL 130 Nylon Breaker Black / Grey
700X20C 20-622 120 FOLDABLE 0.550 DUAL 130 Nylon Breaker Black / Grey