Razr Cross

National champions and top amateurs alike have proven the Razr Cross is the tire of choice for holeshotting traction and precise steering.

  • Developed by Maxxis specifically for hardcore ATV MX riders
  • Ideal tire choice for intermediate track conditions
  • Angled tread knobs on rear tire offer excellent traction while allowing controlled slides for cornering
  • Front tire combines aggressive center line tread with angled outer knobs for precise steering, straight-line stability and improved braking
  • Tread design provides the ability to customize knob configuration for individual track conditions

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Get exactly what you need for ATV motocross with the Razr Cross. The small knob design allows a rider to "cut" a specific tread pattern into the tire to match racing conditions. Great for intermediate ATV motocross terrains.


Position Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Tire Pressure/Load (psi/lbs) Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in)
Rear AT18X10-8 4 18 10 5/225 8X8.0 15/32
Rear AT18X6.50-8 4 18 6.7 5/155 8X5.0 13/32
Rear AT18X10-8 (#397) 2 18 10 5/240 8X8.0 15/32
Front AT20X6-10 4 20 6 5/160 10X5.0 15/32
Front AT19X6-10 4 19 6.1 5/145 10X5.0 13/32