All-purpose tubular

  • M8S
  • Silkworm Puncture Protection
  • Dual Compound Tubular Technology

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The Forza is the tubular tire for sport training. The casing provides the optimal mixture of performance and durability, and the dual compound tread ensures that the tire will last for many miles, yet still grip hard when needed most. The proprietary Silkworm breaker makes the Forza extremely resistant to cuts and punctures. Choose the Forza if you prefer the feel of tubulars every day.


Size ETRTO TPI Bead Weight (lbs) Compound Max PSI Tech Color
28"X25 25-622 60 N/A 0.683 DUAL 170 SilkWorm Black
28"X23 23-622 60 N/A 0.920 DUAL 170 SilkWorm Black
700X25C 25-622 120 CARBON 0.639 DUAL 125 SilkShield/TR Black
700X25C 25-622 60 CARBON 0.694 DUAL 125 SilkShield/TR Black