Razr XM

Pre-grooved race tires for traction on loose to intermediate motocross track. Perfect for the seasoned pro or A-class hero.

  • Motocross-specific soft compound for superior traction and precise handling
  • Tread pattern features optimal spacing and tread depth for intermediate to loamy conditions
  • Lightweight, 2-ply rated construction
  • Designed for all MX racing conditions

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The Razr Xm represents the culmination of more than a decade of Maxxis research and development with input from our countless ATV racing champions. A new tread pattern with aggressive, pre-grooved knobs helps the tire bite hard and slide predictably.


Position Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Tire Pressure/Load (psi/lbs) Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in)
Rear AT16X6.5-8 2 16.2 6.8 6/145 8X5.0 15/32
Rear AT18X10-8 2 18 9.9 8/300 8X8.0 18/32
Rear AT18X10-9 2 18 10 8/290 9X8.0 18/32
Front AT19X6-10 2 19 6 12/225 10X5.0 18/32
Front AT20X6-10 2 20 5.9 12/260 10X5.0 18/32