At home on singletrack trails and gravel

  • Aggressive gravel tire
  • Optimal for off-road touring and adventures
  • EXO Protection available
  • Tubeless Ready (TR)

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The Ravager is a gravel tire for the riders out there willing to brave aggressive terrain with only their drop bars and a tiny amount of rubber beneath them. While other tires are designed to let you ride beyond the end of the road, the Ravager opens up new line choices, camping spots, and epic adventures where no road ever existed. Raised square-edged center knobs provide climbing and braking traction on moon dust covered trails, and oversized cornering knobs keep you and your gear out of the dirt to conquer another turn.


Size ETRTO TPI Bead Weight (lbs) Compound Max PSI Tech Color
700X40C 40-622 120 CARBON 1.069 DUAL 75 EXO/TR Black
700X40C 40-622 60 CARBON 1.168 DUAL 75 SS/TR Black
700X40C 40-622 60 FOLDABLE 1.168 DUAL SilkShield/TR Black
700X40C 40-622 120 FOLDABLE 1.069 DUAL EXO/TR Black