Maxxcross MX-HT

The Maxxcross MX-HT is the latest generation of high performance hard pack tires from Maxxis.

  • All new variable tread pattern designed to provide precise performance on hard terrain conditions
  • Variable tread blocks deliver excellent traction, control, and predictability especially when the course gets hard and dry
  • Larger shoulder lugs offer superior handling and more grip at high angles of lean, even on extreme hard pack terrain

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The all new MX-HT is designed to compete at the highest levels of racing. Benchmarked and tested against industry leaders, the MX-HT gives riders the confidence they need to push themselves to their limits. When conditions are hard and dry the MX-HT will provide you with the predictability and traction you need.


Position Size Load Speed Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Max PSI Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in)
Rear 110/90-19 62M TT 27.3 5.12 33 2.15X19 20/32
Front 80/100-21 51M TT 27.8 3.7 33 1.60X21 15/32